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Understanding Deep Vein Thrombosis: Risk Factors, Signs, and Management

Recently I heard that a family member in her early 50s was being seen by a doctor for DVT and that she was hoping that there was a more natural way of dealing with it than the medications her doctor was prescribing. When I had digested this scrap of family ''information,'' I thought about my own lax position (denial, really) and how it would make sense for me to make some changes in my life while I still have some shreds of health and potential fitness. And, of course, I have inherited my mother's compulsive pop reading habit (in my case, the Internet mostly). So, I decided to research and write an article that would incorporate some preventative and alternative health principles into my life that might make DVT somewhat less likely to catch up with me than is likely the case now. I would also like to see our family member above and others benefit from these principles if they decide that they want to. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a critical health concern that af

Celeriac Soup-- Four Versions

Celery Root and Root Vegetable Soup So one day this Spring-- a chilly day-- our resident son came home from town with an ugly bulbus "root vegetable" that I remembered from the days with my German mother-in-law as "celery root" or celeriac.  It is not the root of the celery most of us are familiar with, the stalks we use in our morning juice, but a root vegetable on its own with a wimpier version of stalks that can grow from it. I looked up some recipes and we innovated. We love this root vegetable. It has a mild celery-like flavor and combines creamily and harmoniously with many other vegetables and flavours. He brought home a few more of these roots and the following soup recipes evolved.  The recipes are: Creamy Mushroom and Celery Root Soup Celery Root and Sauerkraut Soup Root Vegetable and Celery Root Soup Classic French Onion and Celery Root Soup 1. Creamy Mushroom and Celery Root Soup 1 celery root, peeled and diced 1 onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, minced

Potty Training: Two Parenting Styles in Taking Care of Business

Potty Training starts  - image via Firefly AI                                               Potty training can be approached in various ways, and both Adlerian parenting (often associated with Positive Parenting) and Attachment parenting offer philosophies and techniques that parents may find helpful. Let's break down each approach: Adlerian Parenting (Positive Parenting): Philosophy : Adlerian parenting focuses on understanding the child's perspective, fostering a sense of belonging and significance, and encouraging cooperation rather than coercion or punishment. Techniques: Encouragement: Positive reinforcement is a key aspect. Instead of focusing on punishment for accidents, parents emphasize praise and encouragement for successes. Routine and Consistency : Establishing a consistent routine around bathroom breaks and praising the child for following it helps create habits. Involvement: Involving the child in the process, from choosing their potty to celebrating milestones,

Late Life Bloating

I have a dear friend in her 80s who asked if I had any ideas why her stomach/gut is recently often bloated up so that she feels like she appears pregnant. I have experienced that, and I know many others do/have, as well. I did a run through the usual health-knowledge info online and found a number of possibilities. I am not a medical person, so I suggest that you take this information and definitely go to your trusted health care provider with any of the following if they might appear to be a possible explanation for your bloat. Stomach or gut bloating can be caused by various factors, and it can affect individuals of any age, including older women. Some common causes of stomach or gut bloating in older women include: Digestive Disorders: Conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease, or celiac disease can lead to bloating and discomfort in the stomach and gut. Food Intolerances: Some older women may develop intolerances to certain foods, such as lactose or

What is Ash Wednesday? Q & A About Lent

CLICK to Read About Lenten Pilgrimages Below     Most of us know what Easter is, but what is Lent?  Lent is a Christian observance lasting approximately 40 days before Easter. It commemorates Jesus Christ's 40 days of fasting in the wilderness. It's a period of reflection, repentance, and preparation for Easter. Many Christians fast, pray, and practice self-discipline during Lent. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. CLICK to Read About Some Extreme Lenten Practices Below What is Shrove Tuesday and what does it represent?  Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, is the day before Ash Wednesday. It marks the beginning of Lent. Traditionally, Christians would use up rich foods like eggs and fats before fasting for Lent. Pancakes became associated with the day due to their use of these ingredients. It symbolizes preparation for fasting. What is Ash Wednesday? Ash Wednesday marks the start of Lent in many Christian traditions. It occurs 46 days before Easter Su

Celebrate Galentine's Day!

  Looking to celebrate Galentine's Day in style this year? Gather your gal pals and indulge in a variety of fun activities that celebrate friendship and independence. Apparently, February 13th is usually set aside for this, but why not ANY day in February? Talk to your buds and see what day/night works for them! From a fun-filled brunch to a relaxing spa day, a movie marathon featuring empowering films, or an ART night, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Get creative with DIY crafts, embark on outdoor adventures, or host a game night filled with laughter and friendly competition. Whether you're exchanging self-care tips, dancing the night away, or giving back to the community through volunteer work, Galentine's Day is all about cherishing the bonds of female friendship. Galentine's Brunch: Host a brunch at your place or a favorite spot where you and your gal pals can enjoy delicious food, and each other's company. Spa Day: Treat yourselves to a relaxing