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Unveiling the Truth: A Critical Review of The Way - 2X2s and Church With No Name

  Recently I was struck by a newspaper article about a woman in her 40s, Lyndell Montgomery, who had been part of the religious sect called 2 X 2 s or "The Way" or even "The Church with No Name".  Montgomery had recently charged a leader/ministering member of the 2x2s with child sexual abuse that happened when she was 14. She lives on the Island that we live on (maybe even in our community). I am interested in the diversity of memoirs by people who were spiritually abused. And I have some scattered recollections of knowing people who were part of this particular sect.  I have a blog page listing more than 25 books that I have read about spiritual abuse .  In the eye-opening little book, shown above, we delve into the dark reality of spiritual abuse within "The Way," an enigmatic organization also known as 2X2s or Church Without A Name. Through research and firsthand accounts, the book exposes the damaging effects of spiritual manipulation within The Way. R