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Fathers Who Harm

Father's Day has become a more highlighted day of celebration than when I was a child. My father was born in 1927 and lived a pretty long life: he died in 2013, a few months into his 86th year. He was not a bad father. He did struggle with alcohol addiction and was imperfect in other ways, but he was basically loving and kind. He was a workaholic, so we did not have access to him for emotional affirmation, but he told me in his old age that he always loved everything about us kids and felt sad that he had not been a better parent, and he was sorry he was most of all that he had not spent more time with us.  Other men in my family– my grandfathers, my husband, son, uncles, brother– have all shown themselves to be good guys and have adult children whom they love(d) and who love them back.  But I think to myself, having been a social worker to women and children who fled lives with men who put them and their children through Hell, that there are probably a fair number of children, te

Oregano-Lemon Balm Vegan Pesto

This year I am intent on using more herbs from my small herb garden in our meals.   Oregano-- also known as wild marjoram-- lives in a couple of spots in our yard. In my current favorite reference book-- Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening by Louise Riotte -- the author states that oregano "is used the world over the world over in Italian, Mexican and Spanish dishes."  Oregano contains thymol , "a powerful antiseptic when internally or externally... The pleasant aromatic scent... is very lasting. . In the garden [oregano has] a beneficial effect on nearby plants, improving both growth and flavor." (pg. 102) MONTESSORI BABY & TOT PLAY          To learn more about these and other finely crafted Montessori Baby and Child Items,  Click ABOVE on image !   OREGANO-LEMON BALM-WALNUT PESTO Put the following in a small blender and blend until smooth:   *1 cup fresh oregano leaves *1/4 cup walnut parm OR nutritional yeast *1/4 cu