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Fathers Who Harm

Father's Day has become a more highlighted day of celebration than when I was a child. My father was born in 1927 and lived a pretty long life: he died in 2013, a few months into his 86th year. He was not a bad father. He did struggle with alcohol addiction and was imperfect in other ways, but he was basically loving and kind. He was a workaholic, so we did not have access to him for emotional affirmation, but he told me in his old age that he always loved everything about us kids and felt sad that he had not been a better parent, and he was sorry he was most of all that he had not spent more time with us.  Other men in my family– my grandfathers, my husband, son, uncles, brother– have all shown themselves to be good guys and have adult children whom they love(d) and who love them back.  But I think to myself, having been a social worker to women and children who fled lives with men who put them and their children through Hell, that there are probably a fair number of children, te

Wisdom's Sisterly Embrace: How Older Women Can Guide the Next Generation

  Older women are instructed in the Bible  to disciple younger women, to teach them what is good  and about God's Love. As an older woman with years of walking the path of faith, I feel a deep calling to come alongside younger women and share insights gleaned from my journey. Too often, antiquated traditions have silenced mature female voices or relegated their wisdom to subservient roles. But our faith teaches that we are all equal heirs of grace, gifted to build up the body of Christ through our diverse experiences. With an egalitarian spirit, I believe older women have a powerful mentorship role to play in empowering and equipping younger sisters for the path ahead. Here are five caring, practical ways we can guide the next generation: 1. Listen Without Judgment   One of the greatest gifts we can offer is the sage listening ear of one who has cautiously navigated challenging terrain. Younger women today face immense societal pressures and complex realities many of us did not enc