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Hobby Gift Guide

 I'm in my 70s and have a number of hobbies that I pursue at different times. These are the activities that spice my life up, and according to "the science," it is healthy for the brain to be involved socially and physically with others and the world outside our front door.  -I read books and write reviews on Good Reads and if I buy a book, I generally leave a review on the site where I purchase it-- Amazon or Thrift Books, usually. -I love knitting but don't do it as much as I have in the past, partly because my old hands are not quite up to the repetitive strain.  But a baby garment or something I can pick up and set down over a longer period of time-- that works fine to feed my knitty craves. As you put together your list of those for whom you buy gifts this holiday, I recommend that you consider their hobbies-- the ones they actively pursue, the ones they seem to have 'dropped', and perhaps "potential" hobbies that they have mentioned to you,