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Eating a Rainbow (of Carrots)

A few days ago I had some dental surgery and am still chewing gently on one side only. Peas and carrots are a childhood comfort food that I can virtuously squeeze into my healthier-eating adult menu (other comfort foods were chocolate bars and maple-walnut ice cream cones, not what the dentist ordered). How sweet that my husband picked up a package of organic Rainbow Blend Carrots yesterday!  I've eaten these (pricey) babies before, and not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are truly yummy! These ones come all the way from California-- but I have a package of West Coast Seeds -- untreated, Aren't they pretty?  Rainbow Blend Carrots organic, and GMO-- so that maybe the next time we eat these babies, we'll be doing the locavar thing! He's out (conversing in Spanish with his weekly group who meet at the Starbucks upstairs in the Courtenay Quality Foods ).  I'm hungry and am going to have one of those simple, cut-to-the-chase lunches we