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Raw Sweetheart Chocolate Cheezcake

   Lots of hugs and kisses! INGREDIENTS: Crust: 2 cups  shredded Coconut 1 1/2 cups  Medjool Dates  (or other pitted dates) 1/4 - 1/2 tsp  Celtic Sea Salt The Cheeseless Cheez Cake Filling: 3 cups  Cashews , soaked (you can substitute other soaked nuts such as pine or macadamia nuts) 1 cup  Cacao butter , melted 1 cup  Water 1/2 cup  Maple Syrup, Raw Honey or other sweetener of choice 1/2 cup  Cacao powder  OR  Carob powder 1 tsp  Vanilla 1 Tbsp  Chia Gel pinch of  Celtic Sea Salt Ganache Topping: 1/2 cup raw organic  Cacao powder 1/2 cup  Cacao Butter , melted 1/4 cup  Maple Syrup, Raw Honey or other sweetener of choice pinch of  Celtic Sea Salt Place your cacao butter in a bowl over hot water to start melting. In food processor, process coconut, dates and salt until it clumps uniformly.  "Grease" a springform pan with some of the  melted cacao butter. Remove the crust mix from the food processor and press it evenly in pan. Place in freezer to set while you make the rest of

Non-Churn Vegan Mango Black 'n' Blue Berry Ice Cream, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free

W ell, it is hot summer and my grandies are coming to stay for a while!!  Is there any better excuse to make ice cream?  I will make a lot of ice cream.  It will be vegan (no dairy, no eggs, no other animal products- ha) and gluten-free.  It will contain something out of our garden.  It will be sweet but low on common sugars, sugar-less if possible.  It will be relatively low-fat meaning that I won't be using nut purees as the primary base and will likely opt out of using full-fat coconut milk, yummy as it is.  Most of all, it must be creamy and absolutely delicious.... here is the first attempt at the above. INGREDIENTS 2 1/2 C. Almond or other non-Dairy Milk 2 1/2 C. Frozen Mango Chunks (I buy the organic brand at Costco) 1 T. Arrowroot Powder (or Tapioca Starch or Oat Starch) 1 T. Vanilla (in Alcohol) 2 T. Maple Syrup 1 very ripe avocado Berry syrup or Jam, your choice (I used blackberry jam made with stevia) METHOD Combine all ingredients EXCEPT THE JAM/SYR