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Granny Eats Chocolate-- Vegan Cakes, Cookies, Brownies, and Other Recipes Using Chocolate

Organic Granny is a fan of Fair Trade, vegan chocolate, cacao, cocoa, and the products that are made from "the bean". What you find below are links to all the vegan chocolate recipes I have posted over the past several years. Most of the chocolate recipes here use "natural sweeteners" or suggest them as alternatives to the usual commercial sugars.  There are also many recipes listed that are made with gluten-free flour or ingredients.   VEGAN BANANA LOAF RECIPES: 3 Delicious vegan/vegetarian chocolate banana bread recipes VEGAN BROWNIE RECIPES: Black bean brownies Cookie crumb unbaked brownies Orange-walnut date-oatmeal brownies Quick omega3 fudgey raw carob brownies VEGAN CAKE RECIPES: Gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Cake  Raw Nanaimo Bar squares Raw royal chocolate chiazz cake Simple delicious vegan chocolate cake Sweetheart raw chocolate cheez cake VEGAN COOKIE RECIPES: Buckwheat-oat chocolate chip cookies Decadent chocolate bean cookies Garlicky maple walnut chocola