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Gingerbread cookies- Wheat and Gluten-Free Recipe

  I am totally thrilled by this recipe-- it rolls out great and the house smells like Christmas as the cookies bake, and then, of course, they taste delicious.  (See notes and attribution at bottom of recipe.) INGREDIENTS 2 cups  organic   brown rice flour 1 1/2 cups  arrowroot powder 1 1/2 cups  amaranth flour 3 T.  organic   baking powder 2 t.  organic cinnamon 10 drops  Young Living Ginger Essential Oil* 5   drops  Young Living Nutmeg Essential Oil* 5   drops  Young Living Clove Essential Oil* 1 1/2 cups  Organic Cane Sugar 1/2 cup  organic applesauce 1/3 cup  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil,  melted in a cup in a bowl of hot water 1/3 cup  blackstrap molasses 2 T.  vanilla coconut oil, for oiling cookie sheets or you can use a silicone sheet on top of a pizza pan like I did-- no extra oil needed and the cookies don't stick at all. *ONLY USE ESSENTIAL OILS THAT ARE SAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION AND ONLY IN SMALL SMALL QUANTITIES!!! If you do not have Young Living Essential Oils, I would s