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Understanding Deep Vein Thrombosis: Risk Factors, Signs, and Management

Recently I heard that a family member in her early 50s was being seen by a doctor for DVT and that she was hoping that there was a more natural way of dealing with it than the medications her doctor was prescribing. When I had digested this scrap of family ''information,'' I thought about my own lax position (denial, really) and how it would make sense for me to make some changes in my life while I still have some shreds of health and potential fitness. And, of course, I have inherited my mother's compulsive pop reading habit (in my case, the Internet mostly). So, I decided to research and write an article that would incorporate some preventative and alternative health principles into my life that might make DVT somewhat less likely to catch up with me than is likely the case now. I would also like to see our family member above and others benefit from these principles if they decide that they want to. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a critical health concern that af

High Protein-Butternut Squash Salad

  This is a delicious filling, satisfying Salad that contains: Romaine lettuce 2 cups cooked quinoa 2 small butternut squash peeled  seeded, diced and tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder and roasted in the oven at 400°C 20 min. Carribean crispy split pea-spinach patties cut into croutons (recipe on Avocado chunks  cucumber, tomatoes, olives Assemble and use simple dressing of 1 lemon juiced, 1 tsp. Dijon Mustard, 1 tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 tsp. Maple Syrup, salt and pepper.   This salad was inspired by 2 vegan salads in Candace Feldman's  Lean Into Plants Here is another similar salad but subbing yummy baked Sesame tofu cubes <~ and baked sweet potato chunks instead of squash-- prepared like the squash above.  Get the Sesame Surprise baked tofu recipe HERE Toss and enjoy . YUMMY PLANT-BASED CHICK'N RECIPES Click on image to go to recipes

Oregano-Lemon Balm Vegan Pesto

This year I am intent on using more herbs from my small herb garden in our meals.   Oregano-- also known as wild marjoram-- lives in a couple of spots in our yard. In my current favorite reference book-- Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening by Louise Riotte -- the author states that oregano "is used the world over the world over in Italian, Mexican and Spanish dishes."  Oregano contains thymol , "a powerful antiseptic when internally or externally... The pleasant aromatic scent... is very lasting. . In the garden [oregano has] a beneficial effect on nearby plants, improving both growth and flavor." (pg. 102) MONTESSORI BABY & TOT PLAY          To learn more about these and other finely crafted Montessori Baby and Child Items,  Click ABOVE on image !   OREGANO-LEMON BALM-WALNUT PESTO Put the following in a small blender and blend until smooth:   *1 cup fresh oregano leaves *1/4 cup walnut parm OR nutritional yeast *1/4 cu