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Granny Reads: Reviewing *Adventist Tomorrow: Fresh Ideas While Waiting For Jesus* by Jack Hoehn

Adventist Tomorrow: Fresh Ideas While Waiting for Jesus by Jack Hoehn My rating: 5 of 5 stars As you can tell from the title, this book is written for Seventh-day Adventist readers. The author is generously donating the financial proceeds from book sales to Adventist Today magazine. Adventist Today magazine is a "progressive Christian" publication. Each Sabbath/Saturday over the last couple of years, a number of "progressive" believers meet online (usually around 130 of us) to take part in a seminar presented on a spiritual/Biblical/cultural/political subject that has stimulated controversy within the denomination, or that has been written about in Adventist Today and sparked interest among the "progressives" reading the magazine. I came into Adventism as someone married for several years to an Adventist, a man who never pressed me to "give up" my Catholic influences or feminist views. I was wooed by his love and desire to be a supportive hu