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No-Sew Fabric ART!

"Duke" Fabric on Stretched Canvas by Barbara Yates Beasley Before Christmas I put together a 10-day series of Christmas crafts and gluten-free cookie recipes for people to do by themselves or with their child, mom, friend-- even thinking about the crafting gave me a huge jolt of creative aspiration.  I am gung ho to take that creative surge into 2020-- I will call it "my 2020 Vision." While I love fabric art-- art quilts and the like-- I do not own a sewing machine, and confession, I am not a good seamstress/sew-er.  But I absolutely drool over the quilts I see that express feeling and perspective in much the way that artists do without other media. So, I have been spending quite a lot of time on Pinterest lately, and guess what I found?  I found a delightful way to do "fabric art on canvas"-- in other words, to paint a picture on a canvas with pieces of fabric-- no sewing required! Fabric Art on Canvas Here are some examples with links to thei

Yummy Vegan Chia Nog Pudding

I am extending the Christmas season a tad so that we can enjoy some more of that nog flavour that we were just getting into! This chia not pudding recipe is: vegan (no eggs, no dairy). I am a vegan who considers raw honey as just nectar passed through a bee... some call us bee-gans.  Sub for the honey in the recipe with maple syrup or 4 dates. gluten-free (no gluten proteins) full of chia protein, which is the form that chia carbs take! full of chia's pretty balanced omega fatty acids (good for the brain) very tasty in that recognizable noggy way sweet, but not cloyingly sweet like the commercial nog can be eaten all year long or just saved up as a Christmas tradition INGREDIENTS FOR CHIA NOG PUDDING 14 oz/414 ml   full-fat coconut milk 2 tablespoons  raw honey or maple syrup or 4 soft pitted dates 1 teaspoon       ground cinnamon 1/2-1 teaspoon ground nutmeg 2 teaspoons      vanilla extract 6 tablespoons   chia seed (or 10 tablespoons chia gel*) (Makes