Thursday, December 30, 2021

Recipe for Strawberry Crispies


Here's another recipe prepared the "raw vegan" way using the recipe for Buckwheat Crispies .  This is particularly soothing for kids who miss having their traditional gluten-laden breakfast cereals... Buckwheat crispies are a good source of fibre, manganese, tryptophan, and magnesium.


2 Cups of Buckwheat Crispies
3 C. Sliced Strawberries
1 1/2 C. your favourite gluten-free Mylk (I used So Delicious Coconut Milk-- yum!)
1 Sliced Ripe Banana
  • Put 2 C. of strawberries in the food processor or blender, and add the Milk.  Blend until pink and creamy (and soooooo fragrant, like summer!)
  • Divide the buckwheat crispies into 4 bowls (1/2 C. each)
  • Pour the Strawberry Mylk over each bowl
  • Top with sliced strawberries and bananas (and anything else wanted: dried fruit, hemp nuts, other fresh fruit)
  • Enjoy!

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