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Here are the links to posts about various Organic Gardening forays, Outings related to Gardening & Eating Organic plants, and posts about the splendors of organic life.  Hope you find these posts fun and helpful! (Just Click on the Link to go to the page)

Endless Greens: How To Grow Free Bok Choy All Spring and Summer

Backyard Blessings & Front Yard Fig Harvests

The Blessing of the Fig Tree

A Sunday Visit to the Cumberland Farmers' Market and Edible Sea Walk

Visit to Edmonton's Seedy Sunday- 2016

Visit to Nanaimo's Seedy Sunday- 2016

Visit to Nanaimo's Seedy Sunday- 2011

Book Review: Carolyn Herriot's The Zero Mile Diet: A Year-Round Guide To Growing Organic Food  (scroll down the page when you land there)

How to Grow A Tomato from a Grocery Store or Farmgate Tomato

How to Grow An Avocado from a Pit

How to Grow An Apple Tree from your Snack Apple

16 Foods You Can Propagate from Scraps Particularly fun with Grandkids!!

Collecting and Saving Tiny Tomato Seeds

Make your own Tiny Seed Mats

25 Things You Can Do With The Lavender from your Garden

Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden

The Power of Flowers

Earthquake CleanUp with E.M. (Effective Microorganisms)

Being Food Secure in an Insecure World

Is Biodynamic Gardening Something Religious?

Vermiculture Starts in my Compost Bin


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