Monday, October 25, 2010

Have a Green Halloween!

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Wow, have a Green Halloween!  This seems to be the year of the eco-conscious Halloween celebration.  Last post dealt with some great ideas for Halloween nutrition and today's post looks at some tips to being more conscious of safekeeping our environment over the Halloween (and beyond) season.  The following video gives some great ideas for looking past all the plasticky, overpriced, use-once-and-toss ethos of the season to social networking, reusing/recycling/rewarding and valuing our physical resources.  I liked this video so much that I subscribed to the channel!

Our Food Matters-- Join a Social Network to Match Your Own Social Ethics and Wisdom

Friday, October 15, 2010

Have a Healthy, Green, Organic Hallowe'en!

~by Tera Warner
Raw Divas

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The scariest thing about Halloween isn't the ghosts or goblins, Cynthia. It's not the zombies or even the freaky costumes and music.

It's the fact that children everywhere are given countless pounds of refined sugar, artificial food additives, hydrogenated fats and toxic chemicals that:

- attack their sensitive immune systems,
- spike their blood sugar,
- deplete their vitamins, and
- turn them into *REAL* little devils when the sugar high wears off!

Now, THAT is scary.

If you're feeling a little spooked about letting your kids dive into heaps of Halloween candy this year, then check this out:


We're hosting a GREEN Halloween!

Starting on Monday, October 24th we'll bewitch your blender for 10 days of Healthy Halloween inspiration.

Your goblins will be gobblin' green smoothies and loving it!

At any other time of the year, green is a "gross" thing to do, but at Halloween, things like "Alien Poop Pudding,""Goblin Goober Smoothie" and "Shrek's Swamp Cocktail" are actually COOL.

Our Healthy Halloween Howl will be packed with contests, tricks, and treats the whole family can enjoy!

This year, give the kids chlorophyll, not cavities. Follow our funky suggestions and fabulous recipes, and they won't even feel like they're missing out on anything!!

Sign up for our 10-Day Healthy Halloween Howl and get the whole family to join you for free:


For only $10,  it's cheaper than a trashy back of candy and a lot more fun!

Cavity-free love,



Just in case you do find yourself with candy covered fingers on Nov. 1st, we'll share some fabulous resources with you to kick your sugar cravings and keep your money in your pocket instead of dishing it out to the dentist!


Our Food Matters-- Join a Social Network to Match Your Own Social Ethics and Wisdom