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Granny Reads: More Letters from the Country by Marsha Boulton, Book Review

More Letters from the Country by Marsha Boulton My rating: 5 of 5 stars "More Letters from the Country" by Marsha Boulton is a 1997 follow-up to her "Letters from the Country" that won the esteemed *Stephen Leacock Award for Humour*in 1996. Like the first book, it is a series of short humourous essays on the trials and sweet moments of raising domestic animals of all kinds-- including stories about ducks, chickens, geese, horses, a turkey, and primarily, sheep and lambs. A dog, a cat, and even deer also make their way into some of the stories. Boulton is delightfully witty and writes in a style that is both relatable to the contemporary Canadian (although Millennials might have to google some words from the 1990s when the book was published) and would have met the high standards of Stephen Leacock himself for satire and spot-on detailed descriptions of hilarious events in her life on the farm. I found this delightful book in a local Little Library. You can read it