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Solar-Oven Cooked No-Butter Chick'n and Chickpeas

Here is a yummy plant-based version of the popular Indian Butter Chicken recipe, but without butter or chicken, and put together to cook in the American Sun Oven harnessing the free and mighty power of the Sun. It feeds 4-6 and on a bright, warm day, will cook up in about 30 minutes, although it is also possible to have it cook for several hours in the Sun Oven without burning or dehydrating while you go about doing other things at a campsite or beach or in your cool house or back garden. Learn more about the American Sun Oven HERE .  See my short video HERE . I know that an Indian person would likely be quick to disclaim this pretty bland recipe. I basically mix up all the ingredients together at one time (no sauté step) and transfer the mix to the dark 'granite' Dutch oven. I add rice ingredients to the other pot and stack it with the other pot and a lid in the Sun Oven to cook together. You won't believe how scrumptious this recipe is until you try it. To Start: Assemble