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Thursday, March 3, 2022

5 Fabulous Fishy Vegan Sandwiches

Fish Sandwich with Heart (Palm Heart, That Is)

The first of the Fab 5 Fishy Sandwiches is more like a burger.  It is a voluminous, yummy confection that eliminates the Top 5 Allergens from its make-up.  That means no soya and no nuts!  Instead, it uses two perhaps unfamiliar ingredients to make the patty: hearts of palm and artichoke. You can find these items in jars or cans in most supermarkets, in the Deli section.  Deep-fry it, or avoid extra fat and air-fry it-- the recipe allows for either.  Get the recipe HERE 

Amazing Vegan Smoked Salmon-- 

If you are/were a fan of lox, you will love this vegan take-off. The recipe is pretty uncomplicated, so I suggest you splash out for some capers.  Find this fab recipe HERE

Incredible Vegan Crab Cakes!

These delicious vegan crab cakes are made with canned jack fruit-- if you have been waiting to try this versatile tropical fruit, here is your chance! Learn all about making this yummy recipe HERE.

Arriba! Vegan Garlic Aioli Fish Tacos!

These tacos are actually easier to make than you might expect because of one added ready-made ingredient that tastes super (maybe a bit of a splurge, but you decide if it's worth it). RECIPE HERE

Easy-Peasy Tangy Vegan Chickpea Tuna Salad
This tangy vegan version of tuna salad filling for a sandwich (or spread on an open face) can also be used as a chick'n salad.  You can amp up the sea-food taste by crumbling in a bit of Nori sheet (the sheets that wrap sushi) if you wish. Most people think it tastes pretty remarkable as is. Go HERE for the recipe.

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Organic Granny's RECIPE INDEX

Organic Granny's RECIPE INDEX
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